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Who Am I ?

Originally from the Canadian prairie city of Saskatoon, I can be described as curious, adventurous and a psycho dog mom.  I traded the Canadian cold for warm, tropical weather and embraced the change and the challenge of finding my new normal and living abroad as an expat for nearly a decade.

I started this blog with the intention of being a source of inspiration and information for those wanting to experience living abroad whether that’s for 6 months or 5 years abroad living the expat life in your new found home. It can be a scary thought to leave all you’ve ever known to embark on making the move overseas but I promise you, as a serial expat, it is much easier than you think.

And I want to help you to see that you can easily experience life abroad regardless of your bank account, your career or work experience or where you come from. It’s all possible!

About The Blog

One part expat lifestyle and living abroad blog and One part travel tips and advice blog.  I want to share what I love about living abroad with you.  

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for:

  • Want a real person to connect with for advice about living and moving overseas (message me anytime, I love inspiring people to take the leap and just go!!)
  • Information about saving money to travel and move abroad, 
  • Different visa options available, 
  • Finding or creating work opportunities such as working online, 
  • Finding accommodation to suit your needs and budget, 
  • Insider tips about the best spots and must see/do activities 

My Story

8 years ago, I was feeling incredibly unmotivated, uninspired and spending A LOT of time questioning if this was all my life was meant to be. Living in the same place I had always lived in, going to work day in and day out

And don’t even get me started about Saskatoon winters. -30 was a normal winter temperature. Winters were HARD and I found my moods and levels of happiness being more and more affected by the cold weather. I just felt like I was living this stagnant complacent life and it was time for a change! 

I reminisced a lot of my time living overseas as an expat in the UK and Europe and how those years were some of my best years. I knew that lifestyle was calling me again.

So with $3000 in my bank account, no job, nowhere to live and absolutely no connections or friends, completely alone, I set off for Perth Western Australia. Read my story about how I was able to move across the world with no job, and very little money. Was it tough sometimes- Yes. But was it worth it- ABSOLUTELY.

I now call Bali, Indonesia home and South East Asia is my playground to explore slowly at my leisure.